Tired of slow internet access? Try our high speed always-on internet access!

All Wireless Broadband Packages include:

  • High speed access as listed above for one PC or to share with multiple PCs & Devices
  • 30 day money back guarantee (provided the modem and antenna are returned in like new condition)
  • Sign a neighbor up and receive a Free Month!(Max $50 value)
NO long term contract required for any of our service packages!
Installation is only $95 for any speed!

Pricing & Speeds Available

Speed* Basic Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Platinum + Extreme
download 4mbps/2mbps 8mbps/4mbps 12mbps/6mbps 15mbps/8mbps 20mbps/10mbps 25mbps/12mbps 30mbps/15mbps
upload 3mbps/2mbps 4mbps/2mbps 6mbps/3mbps 8mbps/4mbps 10mbps/5mbps 12mbps/6mbps 15mbps/7mbps
Pricing $35/month $50/month $65/month $80/month $95/month $110/month $125/month
Usage Limits 100GB/month* 200GB/month* 300GB/month* 400GB/month* 500GB/month* 600GB/month* 700GB/month*
Availability All Areas All Areas Most Areas Most Areas Most Areas Most Areas Most Areas

The Fine Print:

* New pricing effective 07/01/2024. All speeds are targets of burst/sustained. Usage limits noted above will be applied to all existing Upward Access accounts. Speeds noted above are not available to all existing accounts and may not be an upgrade for some, thus, existing accounts will be changed to new speeds on an individual basis and as available. Data use over the allowances per speed tier will be charged at $15/100GB in 100GB blocks.

** Upon termination of service the user modem must be returned to Upward Access, LLC in good, working condition. The user modem and antenna remain the property of Upward Access, LLC. User bandwidth may be shared within one household or business but simultaneous usage may affect an individual user's throughput speed. All speeds listed are the maximum attainable for each respective package but all packages are burst-able, meaning, on smaller downloads and typical web browsing you'll likely receive higher than the rated speed. Bandwidth is shared on the network and, although Upward Access, LLC will strive to provide the highest speed possible, maximum download and upload speeds noted above are not guaranteed.

*** Customer support beyond the basics is available at the standard rate of $50/hour. View complete Terms of Service here.