Frequently Asked Questions

What security is implemented to keep my data secure over the wireless link?

We have multiple layers of security. The first thing to do is to keep unauthorized people off of the network. We have systems in place that keep would be hackers off of our network. The next method is to limit the number of authorized users on any segment of the network. This prevents people on one network segment from seeing people on other segments. We also use systems that monitor potential hacking attempts and, when recognized, the source is immediately disconnected from the network and the system administrators are notified.

We do recognize that security is a major issue and at Upward Access we are always looking to keep up with the latest security measures to help keep you safe. But as much as we do, it is also up to you as the user to ensure that your internet usage is safe. Never give your personal information to any site without a secure encryption SSL certificate, or to a company you don't trust. We highly recommend a fire-wall be part of any home or business network.

Does the weather affect the reliability of the wireless system?

The attenuation of the radio signal due to adverse weather is small but we do recognize it as a possibility and factor in a margin for a slight dB loss on all of our installations.

How do you regulate bandwidth usage? Are the rates I receive a committed rate, or max rate and will you be adding infrastructure to keep up with utilization?

When you connect to the Upward Access system, you are connecting to our network at up to 5mb (depending on the link quality and your speed package). This is a shared access system, so for home and small business users, this is NOT a committed rate. Just like DSL and Cable, you are sharing the bandwidth with others on the network and the busier the network, the less bandwidth is available. HOWEVER, unlike DSL and Cable, we have much lower thresholds for adding bandwidth to our subscribers.

Once we hit a pre-determined amount of average bandwidth usage during peak traffic times, we automatically add bandwidth to the system to accommodate everyone. We also have systems in place to monitor people who abuse the network and reduce their transmission rate to allow everyone to have fair access to the internet.

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